The Brewery in Martigny

WhiteFrontier, the craft brewery, chose to set up in Martigny to be as close as possible to the mountains, its inspiration. For the entire team, brewing beer is exploring, being creative and scientific at the same time. To go off the beaten path, but always and only with full control. Discover our beers

“Onto Your Next Adventure” is the motto of our brewery, which is what inspires us and pushes us to inspire others. Naturally, our family was built with this value. People who drink or sell our beers are curious epicureans, who like to discover new places, new products. They want to know what they consume.

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WhiteFrontier is committed to the Swiss Craft Beer market, but also beyond its borders. Equipped with state of the art technologies, we are among the few breweries that have mastered the production of nitro-beers, recognizable by their refined and compact foam.

Our brewers

Christ Treanor

At the production we find Chris. Our Irish Head Brewer has been passionate about brewing ever since. He also moved to Switzerland, pushed by his second passion, downhill biking.

Katie Pietsch

Katie, our new Head of Cellar and Quality, came to Switzerland from the USA for science, but is staying for the beer. What defines her ? Hardworker, beer druid and passionate!


Tours of the Brewery

We likes build your experience by welcoming you better as possible and giving you the best adventure discovering our brewery and our beers.

It’s possible to visit our brewery on a minimum of 4 people.

What’s in the tour ?

-       History of Beer
-       The Brewery Process
-       About CraftBeer
-       Beer tasting

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