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Craft Beer & Skate

Who wants to skate in a brewery ?

What would you do if you were let loose in a brewery? Pierre Collombin skates.

Entering the White Frontier Brewery late at night Pierre creates his own adventure on the smooth polished surfaces of the brewery floor, bringing to light the mindset of White Frontier; passion, adventure and an alternative attitude.

Thanks to Pierre Colombin for the performance and Tero Repo for the very nice vidéo. 


Name: Pierre “Pipo” Collombin
Age: 24
Profession: Carpenter and White Frontier Ambassador
Passion/s: Crushing beers, bowling, skate.
What motivates you to skate? Crushing beers with friends.
What is your next adventure? My dream is to tour Scandinavia with an old campervan. The older the better.