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Happy New Beer 2019

The WhiteFrontier team wishes you a happy new beer 2019 !

 In the Chinese Zodiak, 2019 will be the year of the pig, but seriously, who cares about Chinese astrology? 

We are more interested in what the brewing sign 2019 will be! At WhiteFrontier, 2018 was the year of the transition to adulthood, and 2019 will be the year of the can. So let's go back to the past year before we dive into the year to come.

2018 was quite a year!


Our head brewer Chris was able to breathe thanks to the arrival of Katie and then Raph. Cyrill, our sales manager, has offered two arms, which he has named Antonin and Gaby respectively. Carole, head of marketing, was given two additional neurons, Adrien and Agathe. And finally Antoine, CFO, was able to lend his calculator to Delia, the team's latest recruit.



It was not at all quiet at the brewery: beer sales more than doubled, we expanded capacity, traveled to 7 different countries to participate in beer festivals, invented 27 new recipes, and hosted 13 breweries (Brew by Numbers, 7 Peaks, Dr. Brauwolf, BierFactory, Hoppy People, The DarkWolf, Lervig, La Nébuleuse, Track Brewing, Garage Brewing Co, Whiplash, Northern Monk, and Brewski).

The production team, Chris, Katie and Raph, finished the year very satisfied, and were eager for the few days of holidays for Christmas. 2019 is a great start for Chris as he is currently in Canada for a collaboration with WhiteTooth Brewing.

>>> CANS

In 2019, the big innovation at WhiteFrontier will be the can. She is expected here as the messiah. Indeed, the can has many advantages such as:

  • Transport: its weight and flexibility allow the can to travel better.

  • Keeping it fresh: beer does not like the sun's rays. The can is perfectly protected from them. To keep flavor fresh, the can is really ideal.

  • Convenience and storage: easy to dispose of, recycle, and stack for storage.

  • Express cooling: If your beer was not already chilled, a can of beer will cool faster than the bottle.

  • Design: larger surface area for our imagination.

In 2018, we did a first test that was very successful  

We will lauch 3 of them very soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of all releases


Although 2017 had paid off in terms of medals, 2018 was also generous. 


AMOR FATI : Swiss best IPA
PETITE : Swiss best Lager
PILLOWS : Swiss best Wheat beer


FREERIDE WORLD TOUR: platinium medal


WhiteFrontier also supported many events that were close to its heart, such as Bruson Freeride, Nendaz Cable Park, Nendaz Freeride, Banked Slalom Champéry, Combat des Reines d'Aproz, Xtreme de Verbier, Festival au Pont Rouge, 5 Continents of Martigny, Palp Festival, Fête du Plan Cerisier, Bike and Sound, Traillove, 20km of Geneva, Foire du Valais, Fête de la chataîgne, Champéry and Vollège Film Festival...

Next year, as a partner of the Xtreme of Verbier, we will become a partner of the Freeride World Tour, strengthen our partnership with the Palp Festival and deploy resources in the French Alps.


The opening of the taproom took place at the end of 2017, so it goes without saying that 2018 was the year of development. We organized our first WhiteFrontier SummerVillage during which 35,000 beers were sunk, more than 50 companies visited the brewery as team building, 15 music groups came to play, 10 « à gogo » events were organized, 4,000 table football balls entered the goals and 2,000 MarioKart games were played on Nintendo 64....

We hope that 2019 will also leave room for more pleasant surprises.

Onto Your Next Adventure…