Nicolas Coupe


Nico is the latest addition to our brewing team.
Born in the North of France, his taste for beer was surely Belgian style oriented during his teenagehood since bars around him would easily serve him tripel, witbier and other trappist beer, hence maybe where his sweetness was born.
From law school to real life, in his early 20's , he left his beloved city of Arras to a brand new world, India.
After running his french food truck around the streets of Bengaluru for about 5 years, he finally came back to Europe for a new venture.
Autodidact, adventurous and buckled down to make life as spicy as Indian food, he made the jump from the kitchen to the brewery.
Well, a few steps forward (more than he actually thought initially) and from Haute Savoie to Isère, he kept learning in the brewing industry to finally join us.

Motto: " Your body is not a temple. It's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride." Anthony Bourdain