Chris Treanor

Master Brewer

Chris is not the lazy type. He only feels alive when he's on his toes, challenged by a steep slope or by a busy day.

His parents were curious to see his strange passion for boiling things in the basement, only to understand later that they were raising a home brewer. When he was not playing music with his band, Chris also went to Dublin City University and learned that Biotechnology can make you a pretty decent brewer.

After a short stay in Sion, Valais where he conducted a research project, he got offered the Master Brewer role at Galway Bay Brewery, where he taught himself into the job, and brought the beers to a world class level.

When Chris saw the opportunity to come live in Valais and brew on one of the best equipment that exists, he didn't hesitate and is now in charge of the whole production at WhiteFrontier.

Motto: C'est la vie