Thierry Viale


Thierry is the Whitefontier CEO since March 2021.

With a military education that taught him how to deliver the mission with limited resources and various roles impacting the P&L in emerging markets at Procter & Gamble (China, Russia, India, Sub-Sahara Africa, The Balkans…), then Division President in private equity owned company, he became fluent in accelerating profitable growth behind sound business strategies, organization building, fast operational improvements, cost and waste reductions, improving competitiveness, product repositioning, and ability to enter new Markets.

Thierry started to learn the Beer category, passing his “Siebel Institute of technology Executive curriculum” exam but want to learn more and dream of becoming a Beer sommelier. He will easily admit that his favourite beer is the Amorfati IPA but also that experiencing a nice cigar coupled with a Barrel aged Imperial stout from Whitefrontier prestige series is a very special treat.

Ironman coach, Thierry became a lover of Wallis outdoor either on the magnificent trails or the roads around Martigny. Therefore another dream is to compete and become a finisher at the tough Sierre Zinal trail race or the Tour des stations bike race.

Motto: Anything is possible!