All about the contest

General terms and conditions


1. General

(1) This competition is organized by WhiteFrontier brand of Martigny Brewing Co.

(2) The competition takes place on the basis of the conditions of participation set out below. Martigny Brewing co. is responsible for the organization and running of the competition as well as for the provision of prizes/winners and their distribution.
(3)This competition is in no way dependent on Facebook or Instagram and is neither sponsored, supported nor organized by the Meta group. This competition is in no way dependent on Coop and is neither sponsored, supported nor organized by the Coop Group. All questions, comments or complaints regarding the competition should be addressed solely to WhiteFrontier. Martigny Brewing co. and the participants exempt Facebook, Instagram, Coop, from all third-party inquiries regarding this contest. The data protection policy of the Meta Group and Coop applies. Furthermore, the data will only be used by Martigny Brewing Co. to ensure the smooth running of the competition.

2. Conditions of participation

(1) The participant declares that he/she is at least 16 years old and a resident of Switzerland.
(2) Martigny Brewing Co. employees are excluded from participation.
(3) Participation in the competition is independent of the purchase of any goods or the use
of any services. Nor does the purchase of merchandise or the use of a service increase the chances of winning.
(4) Martigny Brewing Co. reserves the right to verify the identity of the winner before awarding the prize.

3. How the competition works

(1) Participation in the competition is only possible during the period indicated on the
competition page.
(2) To take part in the competition, the participant must follow the instagram account @whitefrontier and fill in the form below.
The draw will then be made according to the list of all the people who answered the form. If the person drawn does not follow the @whitefrontier instagram page, the prize will be put back into play.

(3) The prize will be awarded in accordance with the conditions mentioned on the contest page.
(4) In case of suspected spam comments or violation of our participation rules,
Martigny Brewing co. reserves the right to remove the participant.
(5) The selection of the winner is made by the Martigny Brewing co. team via Excel's "draw" formula. The winner will be notified by email and Instagram.
(6) The prize is sent only to postal addresses on Swiss territory.

4. Draw dates

(1) 1st draw for entries between March 10 and May 05, 2024.

Monday, May 06, 2024

(2) 2nd draw for entries between May 06 and July 14, 2024.

Monday, July 15, 2024

4. Acceptance of the win

(1)The winner will be notified of his/her win by email and on Instagram on the dates indicated
(2)The winner must accept the win within 7 working days by communicating his/her postal address his/her full name by private message on Instagram or by email. If the win is not accepted within this period, the right to the win expires.

5. Win

(1) The win is defined in the contest post and on the contest page.
(2) A cash payout of the prize or an exchange for another prize is not possible.
(3) The win cannot be passed on or resold to third parties.

6. Publication

(1) The winner explicitly consents to Martigny Brewing co. publishing his/her username as the winner of the competition on Whitefrontier's Instagram and Facebook pages.

7. Disruptions to the operation, liability

(1) Martigny Brewing co. reserves the right to interrupt or close the game at any time, without
communication or justification, taking into account the interests of participants.

(2) Martigny Brewing co. reserves the right to exclude from the competition, without communication or justification, participants seeking to manipulate the terms of participation or the competition and/or violating the rules of the game.
This also applies to participants making false statements about themselves.
Martigny Brewing co. also reserves the right to delete any insulting or
threatening comments and to exclude the author of the comments concerned from the game without communication or
(3) Martigny Brewing co. accepts no liability for any malfunctioning of the
Internet pages on which the competition is broadcast, in particular for any overloading
of the Facebook and Instagram pages.
(4) Martigny Brewing co. is only liable for damage caused intentionally or
by gross negligence on its part or that of one of its vicarious agents, insofar as
this is provided for by law. All operating costs and additional expenses occasioned
by the win shall be borne by the winners.

8. Final provisions

(1) The competition is governed by Swiss law, to the exclusion of referral norms. Any recourse
to the courts is excluded. No correspondence will be entered into in connection with this competition.
(2) Even if certain points of these conditions of participation should prove invalid or become invalid, this will in no way affect the validity of the rest of the rules.

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