With the Whitefrontier beer club, it's Christmas 4 times a year. Receive 12 or 24 new beers every quarter.

What are the advantages of the BeerClub Whitefrontier?

  1. You receive our new recipes before the official launch
  2. You pay no delivery charges
  3. You get a tasting booklet and a welcome pack (except "1-time only" offer)
  4. You're enjoying our tasting tips and information on beer styles sent in each pack.
  5. You are regularly rewarded for your loyalty with gifts (vip invitations to an event, beanie, t-shirt, posters, etc.)
  6. You benefit from discounts when you go out at Taproom Whitefrontier (Martigny)
Join the Whitefrontier Beerclub


4 times a year, you get 1 or 2* packs of 12 new beers (3x 4 new recipes in 44cl cans).

Delivery dates:

> 3rd week of January

> 3rd week of April

> 3rd week of July

> 3rd week of October

*based on your subscription



The Whitefrontier beer club is the place to be for
craftbeer lovers. The good news is that you don't even have to go anywhere, since the beerclub comes straight to you every quarter.


12 brand new 44cl cans. At home every 3 months

Free delivery

Welcome pack

VIP invitations to our parties

Tasting booklet in every pack

CHF 80.- every 3 months


2x12 brand new 44cl cans. At home every 3 months

Free delivery

Welcome pack

VIP invitations to our parties

Tasting booklet in every pack

CHF 160.- every 3 months


Offer 6-month subscription or 1-year subscription

Gift card

Free delivery

Welcome pack

Tasting booklet in each pack

From CHF 160.-


This beer club is for you if you recognize yourself in at least one of these descriptions:

  1. You roll your eyes when your buddy comes to a party with a 24-pack of indus beers under his arm.
  2. You've heard of double ipa, pastry sour, imperial stout or milkshake ipa
  3. You love discovering new flavors, going to good restaurants and tasting the latest trendy drink
  4. On vacation, you always try to find the brewery in the town where you're staying
  5. You find that cheese and beer, it's a great match!
  6. You loved one of the special Whitefrontier beers so much, you're desperately waiting for the day when we brew it again
  7. You're a beer fan, but you don't always have the motivation to go to a beershop to stock up (we're not here to judge ; ))

Frequently asked questions beerclub

Here you'll find all the answers to your questions.

A beergarden unique in Valais

Free delivery

Free shipping from CHF 90

100 recipes

More than 100 recipes already approved by our customers

Approved quality

Incredible water directly from the glaciers of the Alps

A committed brewery

Drinking a WhiteFrontier beer means supporting people who are making their dreams come true