Collab Fest 2018

Collab Fest 2018

On Saturday 24 November from 4pm, come meet and try not 1, nor 2, not even 3, but 4 brewers and their beers at  WhiteFrontier's taproom.

But who are these mysterious breweries from the 4 corners of the world? Well, okay, from Europe, but that's still not bad going!

1. Northern Monk --> Leeds I UK
2. Garage Beer Co --> Barcelona I Spain
3. Whiplash Beer --> Ireland
4. WhiteFrontier --> Martigny I Suisse




1. @Northern Monk Brew Co. Trilogy x Garage Beer: Hops
9.5% Triple IPA
2. Northern Monk Brew Co. Trilogy x Whiplash: Malt
4.5% Brut IPA
3. Northern Monk Brew Co. Trilogy x Verdant: Yeast 
6.5% Sour IPA with Hibiscus & Milk Sugar
4. Northern Monk Brew Co. Patrons Project 13.02//Tank Petrol: Celestial Motion 
7.4% DDH IPA
5. Northern Monk Brew Co. Strannik Eton Mess 
10% Imperial Stout with Strawberry & Milk Sugar
6. Garage Beer - LEFT SAIGON
4.8% Session IPA
7. Garage Beer - HÆRDBALL 
8.8% DIPA
8. Garage Beer - THAT CHIHUAHUA 
9. Garage Beer - RUNNING FOR MAYOR 
6.2% Barcelona Weisse
5.2% Barcelona Weisse
11. Garage - KASZANKA 
9% Baltic Porter
12. WhiteFrontier - Barrel Aged Edition 
11% Impérial Stout Bourbon
13. WhiteFrontier - Barrel Aged Edition 
13% Jamaican Old Ale
14. WhiteFrontier x Track Brewing Co - Pro Series 
5.8% Moschato - Brut IPA w/ Muscat Grape must
Of course, all our other beers (Blueberry Kettle Sour, Spiced Saison, Pillows, AmorFati, Petite, etc.) will also be available.

>>> Entertainment

Wooden games, cooking and music from these 4 countries, coconut shy cans for prizes, tasting of 4 beers - 4 dishes - 4 countries, meeting the brewers...

>> Platter of 4 dishes
- Ireland: Meat & beer pie
- England: Club Sandwich
- Spain: Chorizo Tortilla
- Switzerland: Tartine with serac mousse, rocket and homemade cured ham
>> Price
- Platter of 4 dishes: CHF 25
- 4 dishes - 4 beers: CHF 35 (equivalent to one tankard)

Remember to book to make sure there's enough to go round.

And in a few weeks' time, the fruits of this Collab Fest will be on offer here at WhiteFrontier, with 3 beers brewed with these 3 breweries.

So come and bring your friends to taste one-of-a-kind beers right here in Martigny.


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