A beer for Sam Anthamatten

Une bière pour Sam Anthamatten

At WhiteFrontier brewery, we like to support people who go above and beyond every day. These incredible people impress us with their risk-taking and determination. Sam Anthamatten is one of those people who go after his dreams, and we've decided to support him. So you see, when you drink a WhiteFrontier, as well as enjoying yourself (we hope), you're helping people who inspire us and make us want to surpass our own limits.

Meeting Sam Anthamaten

Where to begin with Sam?

Sam is a professional skier and mountain guide.

He lives in Zermatt, a mountain resort owing its reputation to a big rock called the Matterhorn, or sometimes the Toblerone. More than anything, growing up in Zermatt was a privilege for Sam. At 4 years old, he was already hurtling down black slopes, and at 13, he hit his very first backflip. His garden is a huge terrain for freeride skiing, paragliding and even mountain biking. No wonder Sam is one of the best extreme skiers of his generation.

What if Sam was actually the best skier in the world?

Hard to say, you'll tell me... Because there are lots of categories in the skiing world... But Sam's strength lies in most of them. He excels in freeriding, steep slopes, speed riding, but also freestyle. Many major articles talk about him as the best all-round skier in the world.

Sam's achievements

With his Valaisian friend Jérémie Heintz, Sam climbed to the top of Artesonraju, a 6,000m high mountain in the Andes. After climbing it on skis, he came back down, again on skis in extreme weather conditions.

There are countless times where Sam has climbed and come down from the Matterhorn (4,478m). He's even skied the extremely unwelcoming east face of the iconic mountain. He's also skied the Weisshorn, the Breithorn, and many other terrifying peaks. As well as being one of the best skiers of his generation, Sam is a seasoned mountaineer and high-flying guide.

The WhiteFrontier brewery and Sam Anthamatten

What we really like about Sam is his friendliness and humility. To give you an example, Sam has some 40,000 followers on Instagram. However, when he accompanies clients as a mountain guide, he tries not to let on. He likes to be incognito, even if it's not really possible in Zermatt: every 2 metres, someone stops him in the street to say hello.

Sam pushes beyond his limits and goes after his projects while taking into account the risks, but beyond all that, he's approachable and down-to-earth. After a crazy day on the slopes, Sam likes to go to the best bars in Zermatt and share his experiences with friends. He likes to eat fondue and drink a good cold beer—but always after the ride, never before or during. Sam gets up at 5am every morning and lives life to the fullest, as if every day is his last. Everyone who's met him knows his extreme kindness, and for us, it was clearly love at first sight.

Sam Anthamatten's beer

Sam wanted a light, refreshing beer—the perfect beer after a day's skiing in Zermatt. Together, we came up with a golden, well-balanced German lager recipe. Just enough malt to sink your teeth into, and just enough bitterness to crave a second sip. Much appreciated by our customers, the Sam has become an après-ski classic in Zermatt.

Alright, now time for the quick fire round:

  • Hi, I'm… Sam
  • I am… a professional skier and mountain guide
  • And I live in… Zermatt
  • Skier or actor ? Skier
  • As a child, was Sam a good boy? Not at all
  • Growing up in Zermatt was… a privilege
  • First black run at... 4 years
  • First backflip at... 13 years
  • Sam as a teen was... Wild
  • Who do you like riding with? Friends
  • Any issues with Rostigraben in skiing (the different between French & German speaking Switzerland)? Nope, I love rösti potatoes
  • What does "going beyond your limits" mean to Sam? Daily business
  • Early bird or night owl? Both
  • What time? 5am
  • What time do you go to bed? Midnight
  • What do you eat for breakfast? Anything but cereal
  • Where do you go out? Zermatt's best bars
  • Cold beer: before, during, or after skiing? After
  • Lager or IPA? IPA
  • What's good to eat in Zermatt ? Fondue with Log-Out, like Xav (Delerue) went for
  • Do you ever get scared? Yes
  • Of what? Of not having a good winter
  • What 4 ingredients go into beer? Water, yeast, wheat, and... I don't know the fourth, I'm a skier, alright?
  • What inspires you about WhiteFrontier? The quality, and it does the best beers
  • Anything to rant about? Ah, plenty, but we're privileged to live here
  • Ever get annoyed? Not really
  • Is Sam in love? Yes, he's in love
  • For a romantic aperitif, Mûrielle or Maximus? Ah you're kidding, Maximus
  • Martigny for you is… The place where they make the best beer
  • Best place after a day of skiing? Hennu Stall
  • Comment on this beer (The Sam): The perfect beer after a beautiful day in the mountains
  • Mattherhorn: big rock or the 7th wonder of the world? Both. It's a big rock, and it's the 7th wonder.

An exclusive on Sam?

Sam's no longer up for grabs... He's in love and married with a baby on the way, who might even follow in his dad's footsteps... But no pressure!




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