Beer and cheese pairings

Bières et fromages accords Whitefrontier

Traditionally enjoyed with wine, here again I've broken the rules and suggested that you sublimate your cheese with my favorite beverage - beer, you guessed it.

Why pair beer with cheese?

If you follow this blog regularly, then you know that beer has an extremely wide range of aromas, and that there are hundreds of different styles.

What's more, beer and cheese pairings are nothing new: monks used to brew beer and make cheese too. So in some countries, it's a tradition to eat your cheese with your beer.

I'm aware that it's not always easy to find which beer goes with which cheese, so I've chosen a wide range of cheeses and selected a beer to go with each one.

Camembert or Brillat Savarin – Sour / Lambic

Here, we're going to break up the creamy, sweet side of these cheeses with a dry, acidic, fruity beer.


Menu – Pear kettle sour

In collaboration with Christophe Genetti and Maël Gross, chefs at Les Touristes restaurant in Martigny

Brillat Savarin

Maroilles ou Époisses – Tripel belge

A strong cheese with character. They're also very fragrant. I'd make a resonant pairing with a strong beer, which also has character. A Belgian triple would be perfect.


Tripel After Lunch – Belgian triple hops

Brewed in Belgium at the C


Vieux gruyère - IPA

With old Gruyère, an IPA with a nice bitterness and fruity aroma profile will be perfect. Another resonant pairing.


Amor Fati – American IPA


Saint-Marcelin – Fruity white

Here, the cheese is creamy, even runny. But the taste isn't that strong. I'd recommend a floral white beer.


Pillows – Fruity white

Levit – Everyday Pale Ale

st marcelin 

Roquefort, Gorgonzola – Stout or Sour / Lambic

It's strong and creamy at the same time. Try it with a well-roasted beer like a stout, you might be surprised by the results. If stouts really aren't your thing, how about a pear sour?


Ireland’s Call – Nitro Dry Stout

Menu – Pear kettle sour


Raclette de Bagnes – Fruity Pale Ale

Hm, raclette, how could we not talk about it? And when we talk about raclette, of course we're talking about Valais raclette. I have two favorites, Bruson raclette and Eddy Baillifard, whom I really like. He's an extraordinary man who's passionate and always has a smile on his face. And of course, raclette from the Orsières cheese dairy. But there are many others that are really delicious. Raclette is a fatty cheese. It's best enjoyed with a dry, lightly fruity beer.


Levit – Everyday Pale Ale

In collab with Levit store in Martigny

eddy baillifard

Tête de moine – Italian pilsner

Another Swiss cheese. I recommend a light beer, because the taste of the beer will overpower the cheese and you won't feel anything if you have one with a strong taste. An Italian Pilsner would be perfect.


Chiedi a Mamma – Italian Pilsner

In collaboration with the Croce di Malto brewery (Italy)

tête de moine

Saint-Nectaire – IPA

Auvergne cheese, a real delight, creamy and tasty. The ultras will tell you to eat it with the crust. Personally, I'm not quite there yet.

An IPA would be fine again.


Amor Fati – American IPA

On Air - Session IPA

saint nectaire

Tomme valaisanne - Session Ipa

The unmistakable Valais tomme is tender, creamy yet firm. The flavors of our mountains are evident. It can be herbed or plain. A light, fruity beer will sublimate it.


Martigny Vice – Session IPA

tomme whitefrontier

Brebis alpage – Double IPA

Sheep's milk is stronger than cow's milk, but Alpine sheep's cheese is still a fairly mild cheese with a very specific taste.

Pair it with a double IPA that's both powerful and mild.


Sp80 – Double IPA

Tomme valaisanne

Buche chèvre cendrée – Sour framboise ou abricot

Here's a cheese I love: buche de chèvre cendré. A cheese with character that's enhanced by the acidity of fruit. The perfect sweet and savoury combination


Péché Mignon – Raspberry Pastry Stout

Buche cendrée

Cheddar, gouda – Amber beer

This type of cheese has sweet, nutty flavors.

An amber American Pale Ale with notes of caramel and citrus will enhance your piece.


Log-out and Live – American Pale Ale


Mont d’or – A smoked beer

Mont d'or is a cheese that can be eaten as is or heated over a wood fire. It is matured on a spruce plank and then strapped with spruce bark. This gives it a woody character. I recommend a smoked beer.


Puggle – Lichtenhainer

La bats de BFM

Mont d'or

With which bread?

Instead, use a sourdough bread with a thick crust and soft, airy crumb. The Clovis bread sold by the Michellod bakery is excellent.

You'll also find it at Boulangerie Brut in Fribourg, or at the Cave au Levain stand at markets in Sion, Martigny, Monthey, Bulle, Tour de Pleiz or Lausanne.

Pain Clovis 

Where can I find all these cheeses?

You'll find them all online at the Luisier affineur store.

You'll find Valais cheeses at the Martigny cheese library and the Laiterie d'Orsières dairy. The La Grenette cheese dairy also offers a wide range of cheeses.

Laiterie d'orsières



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