Cans vs Bottles

Canettes vs Bouteilles

Cans vs Bottles 

We believe cans are the future, and we'd like to tell you about all the advantages of cans over bottles.


1. Sustainability

  • Recycling cans uses 90% less energy
  • Aluminium made from recycled sources consumes 95% less energy than the primary material.
  • Our cans contain an average of 68% recycled aluminium.
  • Cans are lighter, requiring less energy and packaging to transport them.
The reduced carbon footprint resulting from the production, recycling and transportation of aluminium cans makes them the packaging of choice for our brewery.


2. Quality


  • Exposing beer to ultraviolet (UV) light results in oxidation and an unpleasant "skunky" taste. Glass bottles block some light, but not all of it, while cans prevent any light from reaching the beer.
  • Cans create a better airtight seal than beer bottles. During the canning process, the aluminium container is completely sealed using a double action seal, which prevents any more oxygen from reaching the beer until someone opens the can.

Because cans limit exposure to light and oxygen more than bottles, they retain the freshness and flavour of the beer they contain for longer. This is especially important for juicy, hoppy IPAs.

3. Where we're coming from

Cans are lighter, more compact and don't break like glass bottles. This means you can pack a few crisp, hoppy or fruity lagers in your bag for your next bike ride, hike, or skydive without having to worry about packing heavy bottles and empties... Just crush your cans into a little hockey puck and take them to the nearest recycling point. Best of all, you know you won't get covered in broken glass if you drop your bag on your next adventure.


4. For all the conspiracy theorists out there

"Beer tastes better from a glass bottle"

Like many people, you might think that beer tastes better from a bottle. However, blind taste tests failed to show a consistent or significant difference in preference for bottled versus canned beer.

"Canned beer tastes metallic or tinny"

All beer cans have a coating that protects the beer inside. In fact, beer is much more likely to get a metallic taste from a bottle than from a can, because bottles' crown caps can rust if stored improperly. If a canned beer tastes metallic, it's invariably a problem with the beer, not the packaging.

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