WhiteFrontier x Skull77 Collab

Collab WhiteFrontier x Skull 77

For Christmas, WhiteFrontier is launching a Prestige gift pack in collaboration with Swiss cigar brand Skull77.

We had the good fortune of meeting Laurent Taha at an event in Geneva, and it was love at first sight. Laurent is the founder of the Skull77 cigar brand. What a pleasure to get to know this man, so full of passion, who left everything to make his dream come true: to make a living from his passion for cigars.

When Laurent talks about cigars, you can see yourself on a sunny table outdoors in the mountains, a cigar in one hand, and a barrel aged Imperial Stout in the other.

But back to what we were saying... We ended up putting together a special set with two barrel aged Imperial Stouts, a Prestige glass and a cigar. The set is accompanied by a small tasting booklet to find out everything there is to know about this collab and the products included; there's even a little recipe.

Collab bière Imperial Stout Barrel Aged et cigare Skull 77 suisse

As part of this project, we interviewed Laurent. You can watch his interview right here:

And because we really love you, we filmed the making of this set. It's right here:


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Barrel Aged Gift Set with CigarBarrel Aged Gift Set with Cigar

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