Fully Celebrating Chestnuts

Fully à la fête de la châtaigne

The WhiteFrontier Fully
A few questions with Carole Beal, the brewery's marketing director

How did you come up with the idea of making a chestnut beer and calling it Fully?

WhiteFrontier is a brewery in Martigny, in the heart of the Alps. It's important to us that we get inspired by exploring our environment. Four times a year, we come up with 4 new, innovative special beers that will also inspire others. It was after a walk in Fully's chestnut grove that the idea for this beer emerged. It's easy to be seduced by the beauty of the place. Chestnuts are a gourmet product with a nice roundness, which we reckoned would go very well with malt and hops. Beer is also a drink for sharing and togetherness, and the Chestnut Festival is a perfect example of those values.

What is Fully's flavour profile?
Fully is a brown ale with chestnuts. Brown ale is a style of beer that came over from our friends in England. Our Fully is amber in colour, using a yeast that gives it fruity notes. There's a sweet aroma of caramel from the malts which is enhanced by a touch of chestnut. It's usually drunk with brisolée (roasted chestnuts served with cheeses, meats, bread and fruits), but that's not the only option. Autumn specialities go perfectly with this refreshing beer, as well, such as in hunting season. I personally like to use beer to enhance dishes. I make marinades for meat, sauces, and not so long ago, I dared to try making a tiramisu with Fully and it was delicious.

Fully used to come in a bottle. Why is it in a can now?
Cans have a lot of positives. First of all, they're excellent at preserving the product since aluminium doesn't let in light, so the beer can be kept longer and the quality is even better. There's also an environmental advantage to cans. Contrary to what you might think, aluminium can be recycled ad infinitum and, in Switzerland, its recycling rate is very good (97% of cans gets recycled). Finally, cans are less heavy and take up less space, which makes it possible to optimise transport and storage. In terms of taste, nothing has changed. Our Fully is still as tasty as when it was kept in bottles, so happy tasting!


Will you be at Fully Chestnut Festival?
Of course! We have a partnership with Fully Tourisme. It's really important to us to create value locally. That's why we decided to brew this beer and call it Fully, after the village known for its chestnuts and special festival. You can find our chestnut ale at many drinks stands. You can also taste our lager, PETITE, as well as our session Wheat, PILLOWS.

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