New podcast in collaboration with RhôneFM

Culture bière, un Podcast en collab´avec Rhône FM

WhiteFrontier and RhôneFM are proud to launch Culture Beer. A podcast a few minutes in length that comes out every 2 weeks, all about beer.

In this podcast, we talk about zythology... so beer. We cover just about everything from the ingredients to the process, beer styles, prices, culture, and more.

And we're always open to hearing themes you want covered.

Below are all the episodes that have been released. We started in February 2023, and there are two episodes every month.

It is in French though. Sorry English speakers (and English, if you're here)! We hope you don't mind.

#1 Episode 1: The craft beer boom

#2 Episode 2: Types of beer

#3 Episode 1 : IPAs

#4 Episode 4 : Can or bottle?

#5 Episode 5 : beer and food pairing

#6 Episode 6: Understanding beer

#7 Episode 7: The price of beer

#8 Episode 8: Alcohol-free beers

#9 Episode 9: All about Sours beers

#10 How to store your beer?

#11 Beer and sport

#12 All about lagers

#13 8 common misconceptions about beer

#14 The color of beer

#15 The different jobs in a brewery

#16 Beer ingredient: hops

#17 Beer ingredients: malts

#18 Beer ingredient: water

#19 Beer ingredient: yeast

#20 Collabs in the craft world

#21 Belgian beers

#22 Beer for christmas?

Events About beer
C'est quoi la Saint-Patrick ?

C'est quoi la Saint-Patrick ?

Hé, c’est quoi la Saint-Patrick ? Pourquoi, en quelques années seulement, le monde entier s’est m...

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Moments WF About beer
Bières et fromages accords Whitefrontier

Beer and cheese pairings

Traditionally enjoyed with wine, here again I've broken the rules and suggested that you sublimat...

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About beer
Tout savoir sur les bières pastry

All about pastry beers

Over the past few years, a new type of beer has emerged, known as pastry beer.

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