A talented photographer

Une photographe de talent

Where should we start to introduce you to Caterina Lodo? We could start with her touching personality? Or by her talent for photography? We could tell you that she loves dogs... hm so I'll go ahead.

Caterina is an artist as talented as she is endearing. You can easily recognize her because she always has her old Roliflex hanging around her neck. We can say that she has the eye. She goes all over the Valais looking for the pretty sunbeam, the face that tells stories or the animal that will open up to her.

Caterina Lodo was born in Italy in Adria. Since she was a little girl she has dreamed of traveling. And let's just say that as soon as she was old enough, she didn't hesitate to travel around Europe. After studying in Germany, she moved to Ireland where she met Chris. Chris, Ireland, does it speak to you? Chris Treanor ? No, not still? Chris was our brewmaster for 5 years, and that's how we crossed Caterina Lodo's path. Did we mention that she speaks 4 languages? Italian, ok, she grew up in Italy, German, English and French (which she learned in record time, I can testify). Handy when we decided to move to Switzerland, no?)

It was immediately a love at first sight. How can you not get attached to such a dynamic personality?

Why is she a crafter?

Well, because Cat takes risks to make her dreams come true, she crafts her life (yes, we always come back to that). She used to work in marketing for a well-known company in Valais but Cat loves photography. So one day, she got up from her office (yes, her office where she was doing marketing, remember?), took her things and slammed the door. Well, we do too much, but you have to add a little spice to the story, right?

She decided to give oneself over to her passion, the photo. And we, well it speaks to us, because we are also passionate, of beer certainly but it counts, no?

So, there is a good chance that you will see some WhiteFrontier pictures taken by Caterina in the near future.

In the meantime, check out her Insta, I'm sure you'll like it. And you might even want to click on the little blue button.

Bye for now.


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