Beer and sushi. What pairings?

Accord sushi et bières Martigny

Today, we're talking beers and sushi.

What kind of beverage do you serve with your sushi? Tea, wine, sake, beer?

Sushi is composed of rice, seaweed, often fish, cheese, mayonnaise-type sauce, vegetables and raw vegetables. It is served with soy sauce, either sweet or salty, wasabi and ginger. The associated flavors are salty, fatty and meaty, umami.

A lot of beers can be perfectly paired with sushi.

Sushi restaurants frequently serve Japanese beers. These beers are brewed with rice and are light in flavor. But this is not the kind of beer we would recommend. The bitterness and malty flavors will counterbalance the fat of the sushi and the saltiness of the soy.

So here are our tips for pairing sushi with beer.

1. Lager

Malty, bitter lagers are a great match for maki. With these lagers, the Umami character of seaweed, wasabi and soy will be sublimated. The bitterness of the hops will slightly erase the fat of the fish.

2. Pale Ale or IPA

Perfect for spicy maki or california rolls with shrimp fritters. The floral and fruity aromatic hops in these beers create a full-bodied mouthfeel that mellows out the wasabi and lets you feel all the flavors.

3. Hefeweizen or Belgian Ale

Hefeweizen or Belgian Ale are more yeasty, spicy and sweet beers. They go very well with wasabi and counterbalance the saltiness of soy sauce. The texture of the fish will be mirrored by the thickness of these styles of beer.

Beer & Sushi Night

We're organizing a beer & sushi evening on Friday, July 07, 2023 at Taproom in partnership with Yakito Martigny.


15 pieces + 3dl beer (choice below) > CHF 25.-
15 pieces + beer tasting tray 4x 1dl > CHF 30.-

Choice of beers:

Petite : German Lager, 4.3%

A light, well-malted, lightly hopped bottom-fermented beer.

Bluebird : Citra Pale Ale, 5.0%

A dry, fruity beer.

Amor Fati: IPA, 6.5%

An IPA with notes of grapefruit and tropical fruit.

L'échappée: Belgian Ale, 6.2%

A gourmet blond with sweet notes and a beautiful bitterness.


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