Beer & Food Pairing

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Beer and food pairing

It's now April and I don't know about you but for me, it's the return of the nice weather, the bbq with friends... So today, I wanted to talk about food or more precisely how to associate your beer with food.

First of all, it's important to remember that when you pair beer, you don't do it with a classic Heinekein, no, you do it with special beers that have a real aromatic profile.

If you don't have a lot of ideas for pairing at home, there are several places you can experiment with.

The restaurants in Valais that do beer pairing :

1. Germanier in Sion

I remember going to eat at Damien Germanier's in Sion and in the middle of the menu, a dish was served with a quince beer made by the Seven peaks brewery. The beer brought an incredible freshness that cut the menu in half.

Restaurant Germanier

2. Les touristes in Martigny

At the WhiteFrontier brewery, we had a visit from the two chefs of Les touristes restaurant in Martigny. They are very interested in beer and are currently studying a pairing for their next menu that will be released soon. They visited the brewery with their team and tasted all the beers or almost, and we have about 20 of them so imagine...

Restaurant les Touristes

3. Taproom WhiteFrontier in Martigny

Chef Nicolas is very creative. In addition to cooking with beer, he always suggests the right beer pairing for his dish.

See our menu

4. Le foyer in Sierre

For me, there is a restaurant that is THE reference if you want to try beer & food pairing in Valais, it is the foyer in Sierre

In fact, the boss who is in the kitchen is also a brewer. In fact, he has his own brewery, the Brasserie des 5 4000 in Zinal.

At the moment, you can for example eat a back of Skray cod cooked on the skin with potatoes with turmeric and bergamot emulsion. A 100% seasonal dish that the hostel offers us with a new england ipa. These beers are known to have a very fruity and often citrusy flavor profile and it will pair perfectly with the bergamot.

Restaurant du foyer

How do you make the pairings yourself?

You have to taste, test, smell but above all feel.

Then there are several types of pairing

1. Contrast pairing

Donc par exemple un plat très épicé avec une bière plutôt sucrée et fruitée ou à l’inverse, un plat plutôt gras avec une bière sèche et plus amère. 

2. Resonance pairing

For example, cod and new england which will be matched with citrus.

3. Complementary pairing

Typically a chocolate dessert with a raspberry sour. Because in fact, your raspberry beer will have almost the same role as a coulis, it will enhance and bring out the chocolate flavors.

What are the absolute rules of beer and food pairing?

There are 3 absolute rules.

1. Intensity

A light beer with a light dish and a beer that has character with a dish that has character.

2. The progression of flavors

If we make a meal with a succession of dishes and therefore a succession of beers, we always go from the lightest to the strongest.

3. The balance

Always harmonize the acidity, bitterness and sweetness of the dish with that of the beer.

Can we cook with beer?


h yes, it is even recommended. There are the great classics like the famous meat pie and guiness or the Flemish carbonade cooked with Belgian beer.

I don't know if you knew but WhiteFrontier has a taproom in Martigny, with a big biergarten and 20 draught beers.

Since 2 weeks, we have a great cook who has already launched 3 dishes, two of which he makes with beer.

The first one is a 100% homemade lamb naan.

He marinated his lamb in an IPA for 24 hours and then cooked the lamb for 8 hours at low temperature ...

We also make a pork ribs marinated for 24 hours in baltic porter with honey and textmex spices that we then cook for 6 hours at low temperature. Here the beer will bring a torrefaction and a caramel side to the meat, it is divine.

Afterwards, the ideal when you cook with beer is to keep a maximum of it to drink with your dish.

Example of pairing according to beer styles

1. Lager

Dish : a roasted chicken, a summer or spring salad, a croc-monsieur, mozzarella stick

Cheese : parmesan, comté, Brie

Dessert: 4 quart, apricot pie, lemon pie

Which WhiteFrontier beer? Petite or Sam Anthamatten

2. American Pale Ale 

Dish : Burger, meat pie, bbq

Cheese : English cheddar

Dessert : Bacon and maple syrup pancakes, banana bread

Which WhiteFrontier beer? Bluebird or Log-out & Live

3. English Pale Ale 

Dish : Fish and chips, filet mignon with mushrooms and mashed potatoes

Cheese : old mountain cheese, raclette, sheep/cow fondue

Dessert : English cookie, panettone, orange cake

Which WhiteFrontier beer? Lilibeth

4. IPA (India Pale Ale)

Dish: a dish with character. Spicy food, like a curry or ramen.

Cheese : blue cheese or gorgonzola

Dessert: carrot cake, tarte tatin or gingerbread

Which WhiteFrontier beer? Amor Fati

5. Sour/Gose

Dish : seafood platter, gambas with bbq, scallops, falafels

Cheese : blue cheese or gorgonzola

Dessert : tiramisu, chocolate cake

Which WhiteFrontier beer? Aaargose

6. Wheat beer (blanche)

Dish : sushi, salads, pan-fried vegetables, bowls

Cheese : cream cheese

Dessert: citrus dessert, sorbet

Which WhiteFrontier beer? Pillows or Fiji

7. Stout / Porter

Dish : a fish with roasted vegetables, bbq, marinated meat and slow cooking

Cheese : mont d'or, camembert

Dessert: profiteroles, chocolate chip cookie, black forest

Which WhiteFrontier beer? Sakura

8. Barrel Aged

Dish : a fish with roasted vegetables, bbq, marinated meat and slow cooking

Cheese : Gouda or very good parmesan

Dessert: chocolate mousse or a box of chocolate from the patîssier

Which WhiteFrontier beer? Imperial stout barrel aged



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