WhiteFrontier, 10 years of history

WhiteFrontier, 10 ans d'histoire

10 years ago, the Whitefrontier brand was born in Verbier, in the Swiss Alps. These mountains inspired not only our name, but also our beer recipes and brand philosophy. Whitefrontier... Whitefrontier means snow-covered frontier, because of our location at the crossroads of three countries: Switzerland, Italy and France. The immensity of this untouched and extremely inspiring terrain has prompted us to invent recipes as majestic as the surrounding nature. Whitefrontier is also where white foam meets beer.
It was at this time that five iconic beers were launched. Log-out live, or the art of disconnecting to refocus on the beautiful things in life, especially nature. Amor Fati, inspired by Nietzsche's philosophy of embracing one's destiny.
The brand takes on a brewery feel in 2016. Whitefrontier gets a magnificent production facility in Martigny, Valais. Nicolas Roberti, our founder, recruited Chris Treanor at the same time. He's such a talented brewer that he's going to raise the brewery's profile with his excellent, innovative beers. Quality and innovation are values that have carried the brand from the very beginning. Whether in terms of the beers brewed, the labels, the events the brand takes part in or the brewery taproom that will follow in 2017.
The investment and passion of the team, the excellent beers, the "out of the box" vision, the support of personalities like Xavier Delerue or Sam Anthamatten, will propel the Whitefrontier brewery among the most renowned in Switzerland.
In 2020, our small Martigneraine brewery is going through the Covid crisis. A continuous transformation follows to ensure that this wonderful adventure continues.
In June 2022, we renamed our session IPA FWT after our city and launched Martigny Vice. An immediate success, it propelled our session IPA to bestseller status. This return to our roots is a real source of pride for us, and an opportunity to thank our loyal local community.
It's also when you might have spotted our "Craft your Life" motto on our beers or communications: beyond brewing great beers, we exist to encourage you to be the craftsman of your lives.
In 2023, Tommaso Stettler takes over the reins of production, embodying the role of master brewer. This Swiss-Italian will push our creativity even further.
We continue to innovate with the launch of our Beerclub in March 2023 and 4 new beers every quarter.
Whitefrontier in 2024 means 18 people with a passion for craft, united around a corporate culture based on team spirit. Yes, we move fast here, but above all with a single question guiding all our projects: "Will my action inspire my customers to "crafter sa vie"?
This common direction is essential to never stop trying to make you dream and surprise you with ever fresher, ever more innovative beers.
We are committed to our community through our crafters. These are the personalities who go out of their way every day to build the life that makes them tick. This state of mind inspires us and encourages us to push ourselves too. So, we decided to give a little helping hand to the crafters who have crossed our path and whom we admire.
Last Friday, June 21, 2024, we celebrated 10 years of history. And what a party it was! Many of you turned out in fine form, despite the capricious weather. Clickhere to see the pictures.
For those who weren't there, our community was able to taste a new limited edition beer, discover 2 huge cakes in the shape of cans, feast on smash burgers from the Shaft Club, travel with our cook's chicken pitas or comfort ourselves with a good AOP Valais raclette. And above all, we danced to the crazy sounds of the Revox and the lively music of Yoann Provenzano.
The good news is that Whitefrontier's 10th anniversary design exhibition runs until mid-September. As well as our big "design your label" competition.
The full 10-year program can beviewed here.
Kisses, and don't forget to CRAFT YOUR LIFE!

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